By Yohanna Abdullah

Metamorphosis….transformation that wows! A caterpillar turning into a butterfly, that is one of the most awe inspiring radical change in nature.

But as human beings we are also undergoing major changes in our mind, body and soul such that we are totally different people yesterday than we are today.

For many who face mental health issues, they know that they can never be the same person again after their diagnosis. Many feel broken or shattered into a million places and the person who emerged afterwards is radically different. Often they see something negative in place of a once positive picture of themselves.

All too often medications cause side-effects which are not only discomfiting but are also embarrassing, such as weight gain, dry mouth, tremors,  slow, robotic movements and leaky saliva. But this is often just the incubation stage. You are in a cocoon and are undergoing radical changes to your  whole physical and mental being.

This is only a phase and you will emerge from your cocoon to be a beautiful and free butterfly, if only you are patient. No one should break your cocoon before your transformation is complete as it will cause you disability. Only you know when you are ready to burst out of your bindings and fly.

Many of us who has gone through the rites of passage from being just an ordinary person to an extraordinary person can testify to the satisfaction of overcoming our disabilities and challenges to become extra special. Many have found their voices to speak on behalf of a stigmatized group in the community to give a face of courage and resilience. Mental illness is not a death sentence, it is an opportunity to transform ourselves to have loving hearts and beautiful minds.

Indeed we are mentally blessed.



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