What Do I Want to Do?

Today marks the third day since I went to Club Heal after being ‘released’ from Institute of Mental Health (IMH). I asked myself, “What do I want to do?” First inspiration: work. I was ever asked what is independence to me. I relate finance to that. I have been so used to drawing my own salary that I was not prepared to be a stay at home mum (SAHM). I was confused. I was given home leave during my stay. Without oral mood stabilisers, I became violent. I was returned to IMH before the stipulated timing. Easier said, my husband called for the police and ambulance on Saturday night. I was supposed to return on Sunday night. A huge fight broke out at my in-laws place. This is me being very personal. I am not out to embarrass anyone but I would like my story to become an inspiration to other people who are facing the same thing that I did. The police officers requested my in-laws to allow me to see my daughters. Somehow, my in-laws relented. This is only my side of story. To know further, you can comment and we can consider meeting up. Fahamat

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