At work and happy


By Yohanna Abdullah

I am surrounded by colleagues who have gathered to attend a staff meeting in two hours time. I feel blessed for these are great colleagues indeed. They genuinely show care and concern and spend their time willingly to make a difference in each other’s lives. Some being counselors, counsel, some being peer support specialist, support and some are just friends and more.

Not that there are no unhappiness or skirmishes from time to time  but these are resolved in peace and with understanding before they have a chance to grow big and ugly. Always there is give and take and the spirit  of live and let live.

Indeed working life is beautiful that way. We spend so much of our waking hours at work, it is only right that we are happy while working. What makes us happy? Is it because we are doing something we love, like me writing and interviewing people? Or are we happy because we have decided to be happy come what may, whether we enjoy the work or not whether  it was a good day or not.

Being happy, whether we are are among colleagues, friends and family is a moment to moment choice and it is a decision that only we can make. So for those who are at work now, be free and be happy!


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