I Have Won

Poetry by Alesha Bte Abdul Rahim

I don’t know what to do ,
You won’t give me a clue,
Maybe I’m just crazy,
Or maybe I need you,
To tell me it’s alright,
Tell me that its fine,
Maybe I’m naive ,
But you are too,


I’m sick and tired of the drama,
They don’t know my trauma,
I stuck here in the same old position
They never seem to understand my condition,
They don’t know that I’m dead inside,
They don’t care how I feel inside,
I hear the voices in my head ,
Telling me to be nice,
Or they’ll kill me with their words,
I never seem to learn,
How can I turn this around,
But I can’t make a sound,
Or they’ll know all my dark secrets ,
One by one,


The rain falls on the cold cement floor,
As I walk in my room and close the door,
I start to doubt ,
I start to pout,
Why am I sick?
I don’t understand,
Soon I find the light I’ve lost,
Now I know why,
It is nothing but merely a test,
A test turned into a mess,
But now I know why,
So I brace myself to try,
To try and get better,
Try to recover,
From my fall,
Of which the war,
I have won

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