By Yohanna Abdullah

Life is such
And there is much
That can be said
And that is hidden
Like bank statements
Crushed and tossed aside
For they are meaningless
In my heedless spending
All I know is that there should be enough
Leftovers for more spending in due time
I am not attached to dollars nor sense
For there is more coming in with every dollar that you spend
The more you give the more you receive
There is an abundance of wealth
From the Most Generous
He who restricts or expands your bounty
With a mere quiet plea or a bouquet of ardent longing
They happen every moment
For He alone has the Power
So have faith and never say die
Never feel poor
When you are a friend of the Lord Almighty
At the same time all the things that you own
Are not yours, merely a loan
So also do feel poor
Be a humble servant

You who have Nothing
But are given Everything
Isn’t that RICH?


Yohanna Abdullah is a writer and editor for Club HEAL. She has published four books for Club HEAL. She enjoys creative expression and she looks at life with wonder and love. She is a passionate mental health advocate. She is also a loving mother of two.

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