By Peers of Club HEAL’s Rehab Centre @Marsiling



Pain is but temporary

When we fall, we get up and walk away from the pain

When there is an accident, there may be pain

No pain, no gain

I hurt my own self

Pain is trauma

Learn from the pain

Pain will go off by itself

Pain + Pain = No Pain

Pain is not my friend

With pain I learn how to cure

Pain makes us grateful

God does not put us in pain more than what we can bear

When we feel the pain we try to be enlightened

To come out of the pain and seek pleasure

Without pain we do not know what is pleasure




Pleasure makes us happy

Embrace pleasure, do not chase it

Always thank God for pleasure

Pleasure is a form of blessing

Pleasure is happiness

Pleasure comes from within

I think I am very happy

Pleasure is family

Pleasure is destiny

My family is very happy

Pleasure is the warm feeling inside

Pleasure is the freedom to be myself




I feel peace in my mind, not hearing the voices



At peace when talking

Praying in peace




love book

Love is universal

You cannot lose eternal love

You cannot lose your love no matter what happen

I love housework

I love to admire nature, people and lots of things

Love is like a warm blanket on a cold wintery night

I love to communicate with people

Love is unconditional



The peers of Club HEAL’s Rehab Centre @ Marsiling collectively wrote this poem during Yohanna Abdullah’s Creative Expression session.

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