You So True

By Sumaiyah Mohamed


You have permission to be as you are
gritty yet graceful head in galaxies
Mary said you do not have to be good
wonder what it means freedom domino effect of fantastic
to sigh and to sing and to stand up uplifted
see the world love every shade and hue
bye bye black and white the brightest yellow is beautiful
aches exist cysts too but you do you
Rumi said you are not a drop in the ocean – you are the entire ocean in a drop
you were created by the Majestic, the Gentle, the Loving,
the All-Powerful, stop, this is an optional pause
there is so much to say about these breaths you are inhaling
enjoy oils or listen to sensational music that move your spirit like wind-chimes
crimes are many in this world but your being
your very essence is not one

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