New Year’s Post

By Nur  Afiqah Bte Mohd Azman


Let us try to reflect on 2019 based on the following questions.

You may write this down in a piece of paper and reflect 😊

  1. What did I accomplish in 2019?
  2. How did you challenge yourself in 2019?
  3. What were some difficulties you faced in 2019? New opportunities?
  4. What did you learn that you need?
  5. What can you let go of that didn’t serve you?

These questions are worth the effort to think about so that we know how far we have made progress.

  1. Accomplishments that I made in 2019 – I made an effort to stabilise my mental health by going through rehabilitation service at Club HEAL for about 8 months. I picked up new skills such as sculpting pottery into vases and cups. I also learnt yoga poses that I apply to my daily life to calm my mind and be in the present moment. I made an effort to teach and inspire people about mental health by taking small steps to become a public speaker. I do share my stories on different mental health platforms. I also acknowledge my different core identities, taught by Aida Azlin.
    • I am a fitness junkie
    • I am a writer
    • I am a mental health advocate
    • I am a photographer

These core identities built my self-worth as an individual. This is closely linked with self-love as building self-worth will create clarity in our life that we are heading towards.

I managed to volunteer at Institute of Mental Health by showing up and lending support in one to one conversation and in group therapy.

  1. Ways that I challenged myself to grow in 2019- I challenged myself by facilitating the ice breakers in the group therapy session. This improved my ability to be in charge in a group setting. I also spoke in front of potential donors at Club HEAL Pasir Ris about my story that consists of my struggles, turning point of seeking help, the positive recovery journey, the learning points I gained and the message of hope that I would like to emphasize.
  2. Difficulties that I faced in 2019 and the new opportunities that I found in 2019. The first difficulty that I had to face was socialising. A Rumi, a famous poet has quoted: The wound is a place where the light enters. Through the adversity, I find newfound confidence for the first time. Now, I am able to speak in public and contribute to the mental health sector in a meaningful way. The second difficulty is self-stigma to seek help. Through this adversity, I found the courage to face my fears and practised self-love. We can find hope in our struggles. There is always a blessing in every uncertainty. Trust in the journey and follow through it and learn.
  1. The learning points in 2019- To honour my feelings and process them to help me to navigate through life. (Emotional Acceptance). To draw personal boundaries to protect my emotional well-being. I also learnt to take care of my physical well-being by taking care of my fitness and having enough sleep. I also embraced my inner values of integrity, compassion and resilience. Having values in my life helps me to mature as an individual when I take on new tasks and responsibilities.
  2. Things to let go of that didn’t serve me- The first thing that I need to let go is a self-limiting belief that mistakes are not acceptable. I have overcome this self-limiting belief and this helps me to face my fears and improve my desire to spread compassion to as many people as possible before my last breath. Another thing that I want to let go of is a bad habit of relying on people all the time for validation. I have overcome this bad habit. Alhamdullilah. I am more independent and self-reliant on myself to be confident when taking on new tasks. I am able to do things on my own and find ways to solve my own problems. I become less clingy and learnt to trust myself more.


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