Expand Our Collapsible Cup

By Yohanna Abdullah
Learned many things at Ustazah Shameem”s Ladies’ Night at Al-Qudhuah  Academy yesterday. Like the analogy of a collapsible cup – how it has to be expanded to take in more fluids just like ourselves expanding and becoming stronger through life’s trials and tribulations. When our cup is full and we are about to spill the water or coffee , we just have to be our bigger,  better selves. And God assures us that he will never burden us with a trial that we cannot bear. So take our challenges in our stride and know that everything in this world is temporary. We came from Him and we will return to Him.
Linking Tuhan with the Wuhan scare, there is really no need to fear and be kiasu over it as  millions of deaths happen everyday, everywhere from various causes. And there is no need to be racist and speculate Divine retribution when we are not privy to Divine Plans and Wisdom.

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