Hell or Heaven of Your Own Making

By Yohanna Abdullah
If you wake up each morning with a choice to be happy or sad, which would you choose? Of course everyone want to be joyful yet their minds often choose  sadness without realising it.
Being aware of the choices that you make each day will lead to better choices and greater happiness. Make a conscious decision to make your day enjoyable at the start of your day, when you first step off your bed.
You can choose a heavenly life where you are at one with the Maker and all His creations, or you can make your days a living hell – a hell of your own making.
Making the best choices require a clarity of mind, being clear of the purpose of your life on earth and in the hereafter. It is living without fear of the unknown, especially death and embracing life as a wonderful and precious gift.
So friends, in the midst of all your busyness, don’t forget to smell the flowers, reflect on the clouds and chase auroras.
As I say to myself, “I am not afraid of dying, I am afraid of not living.

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