Old is Gold

By Yohanna Abdullah
I think I have to start wearing my specs as my vision is getting blurry and I am feeling dizzy sometimes. I made my pair eons ago but luckily I can still see well in it. It is a sign of ageing as  with the fact that now I can actually feel my knees – they ache a little  – when all these while I hardly notice them. And yes my hair is greying and I am wondering if I should colour it. My teeth has also seen better days. I like to think that I should age gracefully and not fight it. But then there are days when I just want to look my best and be forever young at my true age (which is actually sweet 17).
Lately, I have been noticing old people around me, in my home (my darling Mak and Bapak), in the bus, at Sheng Siong Supermarket, at the park where I walk and imagine myself being at the ripe old age. I see not a few old people selling tissue and begging for money and it made me wonder about their lives, their families, their homes, their health, their thoughts and feelings. I can only ponder and imagine.
As for my parents, Mak at the age of 79 and Bapak, at 82, they are comparatively fit and active despite the persistent backaches and such. And they look good too. I find my mother particularly beautiful with her grey hair and glowing healthy aura. I hope I will be just as beautiful and healthy at that age. My dad zips around the bus and MRT to goes to mosques, to his teachers’ cooperative and to JB (with my mum and friends and sisters). My mother-in-law at 81 is amazing, working part-time as a cleaner, and award-winning one at that. Indeed our family has been blessed despite all the challenges we went through. We were far from picture-perfect but as I always believe there is beauty in pain and love in hardship.
Anyway, as no one is getting younger by the day – even though some believe in reverse ageing – feeding the beauty and wellness industry, let’s embrace our mortality and live our numbered days as good human beings. It is not about being a Muslim, a Christian, a Catholic, a Buddhist or a Hindu, it is about being humans with strengths and weaknesses and being humane, caring for others – people, animals, plants and all of creation.
Let’s bid goodnight with the thought that if tomorrow we do not wake up to greet a new day, we have had our peace with the way we led our lives.
Happy dreams, and remember, old is gold!
May peace be upon you.

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