By Amirah ‘Afifah

It’s not easy.

We understand.

We feel.

We hear you.

Ask yourself, why did it happen?

Why does your heart palpitate, and why do you shiver in anxiety when you know you were not supposed to?

Accept your body response, they need it because it manifested in different ways. When you get stressed, the cells and proteins in the tissue will agglutinate, which will then affect the organ. 

Relax. Take a deep breath. Mai Kanchong Bo

So what if Covid-19 is prevalent? 

So what? So what if Donald Trump still runs for presidency?

EVENTS will always be events. Do not get bothered by trivialities and move on with life. Be adaptive, find ways. Learn, cook, watch Big Bang Theory and do not waste any more time. 

Life is short. Enjoy the little moments and reset yourself during this period. Be introspective. Maybe you can be the next Isaac Newton who is able to invent Calculus 7 or something XD

During the plague , Isaac Newton isolated himself and invented Calculus.

Elon Musk sent a rocket to space.

Microsoft released i7 pro laptop.

As for me, I am stuck at home reading about photons XD.

All the best and be optimistic about the future! 🙂 Live long humanity 🙂

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