Ten Tips On How To Beat The Blues

By Yohanna Abdullah

happy flower

These are some suggestions on how one can get out of the sad, sinking feeling. You have to do precisely what you don’t feel like doing. It is not easy but it works.

  1. When you feel like isolating yourself, don’t. Make dates with friends and loved ones. Each second you spend with them, you will experience a lift in your mood.
  2. Share your feelings – talk about it with anyone be it friends, families or even strangers.
  3. Paint a picture. Splash some paints on a blank canvas and experience your mood in colours, textures and images.
  4. Potter around in the garden. Nature is healing.
  5. Meditate. You can focus on God and His Beautiful Names or seek His forgiveness.
  6. Journal. Keep a daily record of your thoughts and feelings. You are your own best listener and of course He listens to  your ramblings and etchings.
  7. Share your earnings by giving donations as it gives you good and positive vibes.
  8. Read an uplifting book which inspires you to be a happy and contented human being.
  9. Give a call to an aunt or an old school friend whom you have not connected with for a long time.
  10. Treat yourself to your favourite ice cream and savour every lick.

Yohanna Abdullah is a writer and editor for Club HEAL. She has published four books for Club HEAL. She enjoys creative expression and she looks at life with wonder and love. She is a passionate mental health advocate. She is also a loving mother of two.


  1. I want my sons to join the heal club. I strongly think they are having depression but never admit instead find fault with me over little advise I gave. They always said Im wrong. Im very upsad. They need help..


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